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Your Bridal Checklist

Getting married is the dream of many girls out there. As they perceive their wedding as being the most important moment of their life, they want everything to be just perfect. This is why some of these brides-to-be manage to drive everybody crazy before their wedding. They kill their suppliers with endless requests and questions. They cry over napkins and candles that don’t look good enough for them. They go hysterical because of inaccurate weather forecasts. As there are million possible reasons that might spoil a wedding party, a good bridal checklist is the perfect tool to keep everything under control. Let’s see what you have to keep an eye on as soon as you set the date of your wedding.

Choosing the best venue should be high on your list, as well as sending out the invitations and doing the RSVP as early as possible. You have to be able to estimate the number of guests in order to choose a suitable venue. If you want to have an outdoor party, make sure you check the weather forecast for that date, and have a backup plan for bad weather.

Your checklist should also include finding a photographer and a videographer. As good professionals are usually busy, you should book them as early as possible. Moreover, you may want to have a backup option, just in case your main photographer becomes unavailable on a very short notice.

The choice of foods and drinks, as well as the wedding decor and accessories are also important and need your close supervision. You should arrange a food and wine tasting, just to make sure you won’t have unpleasant surprises on your wedding day. Don’t forget to ask your guests whether they are vegans or vegetarians, or if they are on a gluten-free diet. Check with the venue if they can provide you waiters and bartenders or you have to hire them from a specialized agency.

The music and other entertainment should be another item on your checklist. If you want live music, you need to choose the singers and get in touch with them or with their agent, in order to hire them for the date. Its also a good idea to have a checklist for your wedding outfit including your dress, veil, and bridal lingerie.

Wedding favors are quite popular, so you may want to offer some to your guests, as well. You have to brainstorm some creative ideas, and then find suppliers to put them into practice. The easiest thing to do is to offer your guests one framed photo from the event. You can coordinate with the photographer to choose some really good photos of all people, print them out and frame them before the party is over.

A good bridal checklist is the one that includes all specific details that need to be perfect on your wedding day. You should include even obvious items such as the wedding gown, the shoes and the rings. You won’t forget about them, but it’s much better to keep tabs on all those suppliers to make sure they are going to deliver everything on time.

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