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Why Is A Properly Fitting Bra Important?

An estimated 80% of women are in the wrong size bra. Why does it matter? Why is this a problem?

Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit can actually affect your health. It may cause neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or headaches. In too many cases, women are in a bra with a band size that is too large and a cup size that is too small. In a bra that fits correctly, your breasts are supported from below and not from the straps. This will alleviate most of the pressure placed on the shoulders.

In addition to helping with health related issues, the right size bra will boost your confidence! Bras that are too small or too big can make your breasts look lumpy and bulky. A bra that fits correctly will give you a lift that allows your hour glass figure to shine through!

Not A Typical Cup Size?

Traditional department stores carry a limited cup size range. While bras can be purchased in a wider selection of sizes from an online retailer, since every brand and manufacturer sizes their pieces differently this can waste time and be a frustrating experience. If you want to get the best fit the first time, come in and see us. We will fit you in a bra that matches your style, shapes your body in a flattering way, and feels like a dream all day long.

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