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“I think that no matter what one’s fashion style is, there’s always a place for luxe lingerie underneath it all.”
Dita Von Teese

New to our shop or to lingerie purchasing in general? Don’t let that keep you away! Our staff is experienced in helping individuals pick out just the right gift for their loved ones. Whether it’s for your mother, wife, lover, sister, or best friend – we will walk you through the process in a helpful but discreet manner. Yes, the idea of going into a lingerie shop to buy a gift can be daunting. There are plenty of factors to consider including size, style, fit and brand.

Customer service is really the keystone of our business. From your first visit, Trousseau keeps a record of each purchase. We do this to make it easy for customers to remember what sizes and styles work best for them. That information comes in quite handy when husbands and boyfriends drop in to buy a gift. Can’t make up your mind? That’s alright – we also offer gift cards so she can come in and choose something she can’t live without!

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